Wrap My X2!

Wrap #1 has won the contest taking in almost 80% of the voting total! Congratulations Wrap #1!



The winner was determined based on votes during events and through the online voting website. Votes were made in the form of financial donations which were made in kind to the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix Association charities. For example: $1 = 1 vote, $10 = 10 votes.

Final Voting Percentage: 79.24%

Final Voting Percentage: 17.70%

Final Voting Percentage: .54%

Final Voting Percentage: 2.52%


  • The four finalists will have their wraps produced and featured on BMW X2 vehicles which will be displayed at local Pittsburgh area BMW centers and in Schenley Park during the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix race weekend
  • The first-place winner & his/her wrap will be featured by BMWBlog
  • The first-place winner will receive a month-long loan of a BMW X2